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About GMAT

The Graduate Management Admission Test also known as GMAT is mostly taken by the MBA aspirants who wish to study abroad. This exam evaluates the candidates on the basis of their Integrated Reasoning skills, Quantitative skills, Verbal skills, and Analytical Writing Assessment. The interesting structure and pattern of this exam make it really tough and exciting at the same time. Due to the course structure of this exam, some aspirants often get confused as to which exam will fulfil their MBA requirements better: GMAT or GRE. It is essential for them to understand that the recognised business schools worldwide use the GMAT score to evaluate a candidate’s profile and conclude their admission.

GMAT Exam Structure

Sections Score Range Mean Scores*
Analytical Writing Assessment 0-6 4.5
Integrated Reasoning 1-8 4
Verbal 0-60 27
Quantitative 0-60 38
Total 200-800 548

Useful Information

Exam Validity: The Score is Valid for 5 Year.
Exam Fees: 250$
Registration : By Online through Futura Campus
Exam Center: By Online
Duration: 2 hour 45 Minutes
Score: Total Score Min 200 Max 800
Official website: www.mba.com


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